Be Excellent To Each Other...


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Best said. Nature is not into politics


Best said. Nature is not into politics

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“I am so excited to be living one of my dreams – to be here on Sesame Street. I’m here because I am teaching everybody on Sesame Street the importance and the power of ‘yet.’ Never, ever, ever give up because there’s so much power in ‘yet.’” - JMonáe

Sesame Street: Janelle Monáe - Power of Yet [x]

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photos by franz lanting in botswana’s okavango delta

An oldie but a goodie from Sinkane….Scopitone mix


‘Ghostbusters’-Themed Art Prints of Characters From the 1984 Film and a Custom New York City Subway Map

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feeling the remix…

Tunji Ige - Day2Day (Remix) ft. Michael Christmas & ILoveMakonnen





Black female Anime characters

1. Michiko from Michiko to Hatchin

2. Atsuko from Michiko to Hatchin

3. Yoruichi from Bleach

4. Franceska from Bleach

5. Miyuki from Basquash!

6. Coffee from Cowboy Bebop

7. Aisha from Outlaw Star

8. April from Darker than Black

9. Nadia from Nadia:  The Secret of Blue Water

10. Canary from Hunter X Hunter

Claudia Grant - Robotech/Macross

Rei Hououmaru, Kill La Kill

Beth from Ojamajo Doremi Naisho

Glenda, Princess of the Demon world from Petite Princess Yucie

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We’ve all heard about Humans Of New York, check out Humans of Africa!

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generic brands

generic brands

movement of the people

movement of the people